John Dunn

“PAWS is lightweight…and goes a long way”

Louise Nixon

“I notice the lack of cat urine smell which is lovely”

Debbie Neave

“its the best litter we’ve ever used, it does smell nicer…I think it is fabulous”



It absorbs liquid rapidly and several times more than its own weight

Odour Control

This is outstanding odour control with the mineral Zeolite


Light and easy to handle, no more lumping heavy bags of litter around.

Long Lasting

This retains its form; enabling removal of solid and liquid waste in order to extend tray life.

Naturally made

natural and non toxic ingredients; making it safer for your pet


Produced using recycled paper fibres

PAWS Paper Litter is a light weight, highly porous pellet made from recycled newsprint, zeolite and some binding ingredients. Its’ texture allows rapid and complete absorption of urine, and also makes it semi-clumping which enables easy removal of wet and solid waste for tray top up replenishment. This means fewer whole tray clean ups, and more economical use of each bag of litter.

A lighter, more porous texture enables PAWS Paper Litter to be flushable, and disperse completely in lots of water, so it is even safe for septic tanks use. The mineral zeolite adds excellent odour control, also adds to the antibacterial properties that work together resulting in a longer lasting, and fresher smelling litter tray.

Low dust, soft pellets and the lack of any toxic ingredients make PAWS Paper Litter ideal for kittens, convalescing, post-surgery and sensitive pets too. These ingredients also mean that waste litter can be composted and it biodegrades naturally in land fill which is better for the environment. The mix of recycled newsprint and raw paper-mill fibres makes a lighter-coloured pellet that does not stain white paws.

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