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PAWS Paper Litter is a composite fibre-mineral pellet litter developed to have enhanced properties unlike others on the market.  What makes it so different is the manufacturing process that creates a texture to optimize moisture absorption properties; this revolves around altering the physical way in which the pellets are formed in combination with addition of small amounts of additives that promote swelling upon becoming wet.
PAWS Paper Litter is an all natural but artificially made pet litter. It contains recycled paper fibres and a natural milled rock which is high in zeolite, that is a natural deodorizing mineral. It is made into a soft yet durable pellet which is porous and highly absorbent. It is biodegradable, compostable, flush-able and safe for all pets.

Our Planet and Paper

According to the Environment Protection Agency, we save 17 trees for every ton of paper we recycle. So, that 85,000,000 tons of paper we use each year equates to about 1.5 billion trees - a number that’s difficult to even envision.

But we don’t only save trees when we use recycled paper. It’s no secret that most of the natural resources on earth are in limited supply. The human population is growing faster than its ability to replenish resources and we must find a way to live more efficiently. By recycling a single ton of paper, We also save almost 400 gallons of oil and 7,000 gallons of water, resulting in an overall energy savings of 64%.

Why Paws Paper Litter?

Paws Pet litter is the product of years of development work researching the perfect blend of recycled fibers and volcanic mineral Zeolite to produce a light weight, odor controlling and highly absorbent pet litter. The composite fiber-mineral pellet has enhanced properties unlike others on the market, revolving around the physical way in which the pellets are formed in combination with the small amounts of mixing ingredients designed to swell upon becoming wet.

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