How can I change to PAWS Litter?

PAWS can be easily mixed with any other type of litter. To introduce and change to PAWS Paper Litter, simply combine PAWS in increasing amounts whilst reducing the amount used of litter to be replaced. Do this over a period of time that suits your pet – usually a week or two.


Is PAWS Paper Litter safe?

PAWS Paper Litter is safe for all pets, including kittens, convalescing, post surgery and sensitive animals and humans. It contains no toxic components and all ingredients are eco approved.
Other litters however can contain toxins; wood based litters contain oils like terpenes, crystal litters are toxic if ingested and their dust and vapour can contain fine silica particles that can cause lung inflammation in both animals and humans, and clay based litters can bind the gut if ingested. Dust in budget litters are a threat to kittens with problems with asthma.

Is PAWS Paper Litter flushable?

PAWS Paper Litter is made such that in large volumes of water, its bonding succumbs and the fibre and zeolite separate. Because both components are of fine grain-size it does not threaten the waste systems.

Is PAWS Paper Litter antibacterial?

Yes, the mineral zeolite, in the presence of other metal ions is a powerful antibacterial agent.
Note: Always take care not to handle cat feces as nothing knocks out toxoplasmosis – a parasitic infection caused by Toxoplasma Gondii that can be found in prey animals and garden soil. Cats can excrete oocysts in feces if they are infected.

Can it be used as compost heap or mulch in my garden?

Yes, you CAN compost PAWS Paper litter, If you plan on using compost on or near any edible gardens, avoid using any pet waste. Compost made of pet waste (not feces) is to be used only on lawns or non-edible crops (like a rose garden or perennials).

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